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The textile corporation REDMAN is the earliest of the group HAMIANI. Created by the father in 1963. It was taken over by his sons REDA and Abderahmane (known as MANOU) followed by Farouk and Chafilk. The appellation Redman comes from the contraction of the names REDA and MANOU. In the early seventies the company grew significantly in production of men’s clothing. En savoir plus

Food Processing


The Limited Liability company FOODISH is specialized in the import of agrifood products and has its own distribution firm RESCOM. Exclusive représentative in Algeria of many brands of international fame, the company operates in several segments. The company FOODISH is present in Algiers, Oran and Setif.. En savoir plus


La société GOMAK est spécialisée dans l’importation des produits agroalimentaires REDBULL energy drink et le café LEGAL en capsule et en paquet. Elle dispose de sa propre société de distribution RESCOM. En savoir plus


The LLC RESCOM is in charge of the distribution of FOODISH agrifood products in all Algeria. RESCOM ensures the delivery of the products thanks to its large automobile fleet and its important client portfolio. The company acquired a very wide and complex data basis because it maintains excellent suppliers/customers ralationships. En savoir plus



The Brickworks Lamirette Baraki was created in 2006. It quickly established itself as key player in Algiers building materials sector. An industrial flagship of HAMIANI group, the limited liability company BLB counts 150 employees, for an annual production of 150,000 Tons of hollow bricks. At BLB the manufacturing of bricks combines tradition and modernity, in compliance with the standards in force of the 21st century. The distribution network of its products falls under a growth process. The recent acquisition of a production unit in the West of the country named GRECO, as well as the project of extension of the site of Baraki, clearly reinforce this will of development. En savoir plus


AZUR PAINT ensures the manufacturing, the representation and the marketing of the Danish industrial paint brand Hempel in Algeria. Hempel was founded in 1915 by J.C. HEMPEL who had the idea of designing ready to use marine paints. One century after the company has grown to become the largest independent supplier of marine paints and anti-corrosive coatings in the world. En savoir plus


Desjoyaux is a French family business created in 1969 which designs and manufactures swimming pools. The company counts today a network of 160 dealerships in France and 450 through 80 countries. Present in the Algerian market since 1999, the company has three sale outlets today. Its headquarter is located in Algiers and its two subsidiaries in Oran and Annaba. En savoir plus

Pharmaceutical Industry


Excellence United Laboratory is a new subsidiary of HAMIANI Group, It is specialized in the import, Manufacturing and promotion of human medicines... En savoir plus



The limited liability company Smk is engaged in the import and distribution of electronic cigarettes and their accessories in Algeria. SMK currently has two sale outlets in Algiers named VapoShop En savoir plus