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Textile company

The textile corporation REDMAN is the earliest of the group HAMIANI. Created by the father  in 1963. 
It was taken over by his sons REDA and MANOU (Abderahmane) followed by Farouk and Chafilk.
The appellation Redman comes from the contraction of the names REDA and MANOU. In the early seventies the company grew significantly in production of men’s clothing. It employs more than 260 employees and quickly became the first private company of the country in the field of textile. 
At its heyday Redman reached a workforce of 400 employees and a production capacity of 2800 shirts per day.

Redman: Through time

To adapt to the market evolution REDMAN, mainly known for its shirts, has set up new strategies. The company diversifies more its product range in the years 2000 by creating  menswears lines which meet the needs for the Algerian consumers as well as possible. 
The brand owes its fame to the excellent quality-price ratio she offer. Indeed, REDMAN favors the 100% cotton and the use of noble materials while minimizing the polyester fabrics.

Redman: Quality and design fisrt of all

For over 50 years REDMAN stands for quality in the textile sector. The brand is famous in particular for the smoothness of its cotton mesh, the quality of the raw materials used as well as an impeccable finish. Regularly REDMAN collections offer new models in trendy colors at best price. Shirts, polos, pants, sweaters, costumes, coats, pyjamas… are marketed throughout the whole national territory.



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Adresse : 1 Route de Birtouta, Khraïcia, 16 091 Alger ALGERIE
Tel : +213 (0) 21 44 47 60/61/62
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Textile company